Tis the Season To Be Techie, a Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holiday season, and the end of the world approaching, the spirit of giving has never felt so good.  Therefore I’m offering you the top 10 items from CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2012.  So if your looking for that perfect gift for the techie in your life, especially if you’re not in the know and don’t have time to be, this post is for you! (Original Post from CNET)

  1.  Google Nexus 7 (Review)

    A lot of you might have been expecting the Ipad Mini to beat out the Nexus 7.  The Nexus 7 is the all around smartest and affordable gift coming in at $199.99 (Available from Walmart).

  2. Samsung Galaxy S3 (Review)

    You can get one for as little as $79.99 and (Get it here) it’s CNET’s top choice for smart phones this year (Even beating out the Iphone 5) [I’m sure Samsung paid for the privilege of being CNET’s top choice].

  3. Kindle Paperwhite (Review)

    The perfect gift for the avid reader.  This has a nice backlight that keeps your eyes from straining and lets you really read yourself to sleep.  These come in as low as $119.00 (Find it here)

  4. Roku LT (Review)

    This handy gadget plugs into any TV and turns it into a streaming media player.  Who needs Netflix, or even RedBox when you’ve got one of these?  Not to mention, they come in at under $50.00 (Find it here).  It comes with a nifty little remote and all you need to start using it is a Wi-Fi internet connection.  It’s truly the gift that keeps on streaming!

  5. Iphone 5 (Review)

    Ironically the iPhone 5 comes in at number 5 and it’s also a CNET editor’s choice.  You can pick these up for $149.99 (Find it here)

  6. Panasonic TC-PST50 (Review)

    This CNET editor’s choice 50 inch 1080P TV starts at around $1100.00 and is simply awesome!  It also does 3d.  The glasses aren’t included, but who can complain with that much real estate .  A great family gift.

  7. Sonos Play 3 (Review)

    This is a wireless all in one speaker unit that you can use to stream your audio files, music services, or radio stations.  Did I mention it doesn’t have any wires!  That means you can connect them to your Iphone, Ipad, Android tablet etc..  A great gift idea for a college student!  You can pick them up for $299.00 (Find it here).

  8. Panasonic DMC-ZS20 (Review)

    This camera has an amazing wide screen lens (Something you won’t find on a smart phone), and a 20X zoom (which works in video and pictures).  It can do HD video and even has a stereo microphone built in.  This is a great gift for a sporting event fan or the home picture / movie maker in the family.  You can get one of these cameras in 4 different colors (Grey, silver, black or red) for $244.00 (Find it here).

  9. Audio Technica ATH-M30 Headphones (Review).

    This is a professional audio engineer grade set of head phones.  Ear buds can’t even compare to the experience you’ll get with these.  And compared with the Beats HD headphones at $199.99,  you can’t go wrong.  You can pick them up at Guitar Center for $59.00 (Find it here).

  10. 3M Streaming Projector (Review):

    This little gadget is powered by Roku technology (http://www.roku.com/) and it’s like a portable Movie projector.  Finally, you can have movie night anytime, and anywhere.  You can get it for $299.99 (Find it here)

So there you have it.  Time for those last minute shoppers to get your butts in gear and get those tech gifts.  And that includes me!