Message Pollution: Less is the New More

Don’t defeat yourself with a convoluted message—keep it simple for your audience.

Our natural inclination is to pack as much message as we can into a piece of marketing. We’re paying for it, and we should try to convey as much about our product as we can, right? Dead wrong.

Ads are quick attention-grabbers that act as a tap on the shoulder or a reminder for the viewer to either look into your product more, or to stick with your brand. Essentially, we’re just trying to tell them why they should even bother caring about what you’re offering. Your time is limited, so you need to make your point immediately and provoke an emotion in the viewer that makes them feel that your product or service is relatable. How can you do that with a half-page block of text? Keep the deeper message housed on your website and use advertisements to highlight the unique features that set you apart from your competition.

Yes, this is fairly elementary marketing knowledge but, from the looks of it, some folks need a reminder.