Marketing or pandering?

It’s a fine line between informing customers about your product or services and insulting their intelligence.

It’s essential to speak to your target audience but, most consumers know when they’re being fed a line just to try to get them to buy something. Those that don’t usually do most of their shopping on TV—you probably don’t have to worry about them.

How do you avoid pandering? Create a strong, consistent, informative message for your audience about what you do and why they might be interested. If you’re saying the same thing as your competition, nothing sets you apart. If you’re changing your tune with every communication, you may as well be a politician. And if people can’t understand why your message is relevant to them, why bother?

Above all, respect your audience and their intelligence. An effective marketing strategy gets results by informing the customer with a bit of reverence. If the messages you’re currently sending don’t do this, investing time and money to revise your advertising will pay dividends now and down the road.