Cloudy about the ‘Cloud’? Me too.

I have been in the computer tech industry for a long time. It never ceases to amaze me how the people who develop complex systems designed to help the end user in their computing world fail to explain these same systems in a manner that their future customers can understand. The fact is that the end user is the bread and butter of the computing industry. To simply ignore the millions of those who can receive a real benefit from a technology is not only poor business but shows an elitist attitude.

The following is an offering from us to you to help explain a technology that can be of true benefit to an end user and or business owner. If we are too technical then by all means contact us and we will be more than happy to offer a more complete explanation of our technologies.

Cloud technology basically means that we offer the same tools that you use every day in your business. The only difference is that the tools we offer are not in your place of business but at a remote facility. The tools we have are implemented through the internet. There are three main facets of cloud technology that we can look at and see how they can be of help to you in your business.

IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service

This is sometimes referred to as HaaS or Hardware as a Service. It is exactly as it sounds, we offer our hardware for your use. We let you use our computers, our storage, our memory; all of our high end hardware is at your disposal.  What does this mean? How does it help you? It gives you the ability to use bleeding edge hardware technology to process your business. Instead of using a single computer to do a job you can have ten computers work on the same job. Multiple hardware platforms with almost unlimited memory and storage capacity give you processor speed that will enable you to do your work in less time. In addition, instead of buying a new computer every six months we have the most sophisticated servers at your disposal. That being said the next service will offer even more flexibility.

PaaS: Platform as a Service

For those with development needs we offer the most up to date development work area. Platform as a service brings home the ease of deploying your own applications. Web hosting and development can easily be done through our PaaS service. It is through PaaS that a business which has a scattered work force can centralize the applications and data necessary to run a business. A central service platform that will house your data and through a virtualization process handle all of your database and backup needs. Virtualization defined as a service that is normally handled by a dedicated processor is now handled in a shared environment. With that being said there is one last platform that you will use daily.

SaaS: Software as a Service

This is the most critical and the most used of all of the services. The use of software without buying it has become one of the most popular utilizations of the cloud. Rather than working on a document and then sharing that document with someone who may or may not have the proper software. Let’s use a centralized version of Microsoft Word from our cloud. The most recent license, the latest and greatest from Microsoft can be shared by a work group and kept up to date in a central work area. In addition, the work can be backed up using remote backup software, and can be printed using the same cloud methodology.

The cloud simply stated is a vast set of tools with virtually unlimited resources at your fingertips. You decide what you need to help your business. You decide how it is used. You decide when it is used. It gives you control of your business, and resources for that business. To find out more please contact us and we can hopefully bring a little bit of sunshine from the cloud.